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Year Title Author Vol. Issue Code
2018 Encounters at the zoo: the role of emotions in contributing to the wildlife conservation mission Warren Paper
2018 Framing the field: A photo essay examining residential fieldwork experiences of secondary school students at Slapton Ley in South Devon, UK Winks Paper
2016 Broadening horizons - embracing tangents in outdoor education Gillespie Paper
2016 Growing up wild Howland Paper
2016 The benefits of outdoor learning for children in urban areas Lewis Paper
2016 Schools for resilience - reconnecting schools with their community Phillips & Moyes Paper
2016 Mapping diversity in Pembrokeshire - A biological application of ArcGIS Weston Paper
2016 The hand model - its practical potential for guiding outdoor learning for sustainability Winks Paper
2000 Developing field visits for facts and feeling Tunnicliffe 9 4 262
1996 Education and conservation issues in the Slapton Ley NNR Trudgill, Chell & Riley 8 4 232
1993 From field studies to taxonomy Disney 8 2 223
1993 Learning more about ecology: post graduate certificate in education biologist field courses Barker & Lucas 8 2 222
1993 Thoughts on fieldwork Booth 8 2 221
1993 Developing field courses for schools, Past, present and future Wilson 8 2 220
1993 Ethics, attitudes and environmental understanding Berry 8 2 219
1982 The use for teaching purposes of a rocky shore receiving refinery effluent Iball & Crump 5 4 150
1980 Biological Illustration: a guide to drawing for reproduction Dalby & Dalby 5 2 135
1972 Centres for field studies in England and Wales: the results of a questionnaire survey in 1969 Herbert, Oswald & Sinker 3 4 86

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