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Conservation issues

Year Title Author Vol. Issue Code
2018 Encounters at the zoo: the role of emotions in contributing to the wildlife conservation mission Warren Paper
2015 Hay Time meadow restoration Gamble Paper
1999 The impact of trampling by student groups on saltmarsh vegetation Headly & Sale 9 3 254
1998 Grassland management to promote diversity: creation of a patchy sward by mowing and fertilizer regimes Fenner & Parner 9 2 251
1996 Education and conservation issues in the Slapton Ley NNR Trudgill, Chell & Riley 8 4 232
1985 Recreation, management and landscape in Epping Forest: c.1800-1984 Layton 6 2 170
1980 An assessment of conservation values within a large Site of Special Scientific Interest Usher 5 2 136
1975 Review of management policy for the Malham Tarn Estate Disney 4 2 106

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