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Year Title Author Vol. Issue Code
1996 Long-term study of the natural environment at Slapton Ley Burt & Heathwaite 8 4 244
1998 Integrated geomorphological and ecological studies on rocky shores in Southern Britain Trudgill 7 1 193
1993 A field guide to the geomorphology of the Slapton region Burt (ed.)
1987 A current meter and a leveller for intertidal surveying Aldrich 6 4 188
1986 The Estuary of the River Ore, Suffolk: three decades of change in a longer-term context Carr 6 3 177
1982 Coastal spray weathering of bedrock in the supratidal zone at East Prawle, South Devon Mottershead 5 4 152
1976 The Natural History of Slapton Ley Nature Reserve IX: The morphology and history of the lake basins Morey 4 3 108
1975 Diurnal variations in physico-chemical conditions within intertidal rockpools Daniel & Boyden 4 2 102
1972 Aspects of spit development and decay: the estuary of the River Ore, Suffolk Carr 3 4 85
1970 The salt marshes of Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire Dalby 3 2 71
1966 The Natural History of Slapton Ley Nature Reserve I: Introduction and morphological description Mercer 2 3 48
1960 The raised beaches and strandlines of South Devon Orme 1 2 15
1957 Shingle Street Suffolk Cobb

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